ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

THE BEGINNERS GUIDE TO MURDERING YOUR HUSBAND by David Muncaster Directed by Jackie Hall Droylsden Little Theatre DLT’s final production certainly ended their season on a high. This play is set as an instructional video which the audience is watching. Maddy (Hazel Philips) presents 10 easy of methods for disposing of an unwanted husband/partner. Maddy’s real life husband Jim (Jack Lyons) helps her act out these methods of murder alongside Maddy’s fellow employees, John (Paul Charlesworth), Julie (Michelle Cooke and Kelly (Shelley Ridler), but is she really trying to get rid of her husband? Or is the video just a ruse to lull him into a false sense of security? As the play reaches its climax, we realise that nothing is what it seems, and the play certainly keeps you howling with laughter until the very last second. Hazel Philips took on the mammoth task of Maddy. Maddy is the Mastermind of the production; she is content maker and director of her instructional video. Hazel, from the get-go commanded the stage and put the audience at ease. She set the tone straight away for rest of the play. Her comedy timing was great, and Hazel had a great rapport with all of her follow cast members Jim, Maddy’s loving husband (or not so loving husband) played the part of dead husband/dying husband down to a T! Within the first scene, Jack had the entire audience eating out the palm of his hand. We all know a Gent like Jim, the guy who will do anything to get out of doing DIY. And you can tell why Maddy would want to pop him off. Together Hazel and Jack kept the entire production moving and had good chemistry throughout. Maddy’s employees, Jack, Julie, and Kerry all have a hand in Maddy’s cockamamie schemes.