ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

Paul, Michelle and Shelley all take on multiple roles within this play, displaying a wide variety of characters, Doctors, Waitresses, Police, Tennis players and Prostitute assassins. All three of these players took each role by the horns and just ran with it. I always enjoy watching a production in which it’s very clear the director has worked hard with their cast in a collaborative rehearsal process. With this script Jackie Hall certainly had her work cut out. This show is packed with comedy, be it spoken or physical. As an audience member there was never a dull moment. Even the set / costume changes were used to their advantage. Within the programme notes Jackie is quoted “How fortunate we are to have such a superb production team at DLT; they really are unsung heroes” and this is certainly true. From front of house to all backstage and tech crew the audience is always made to feel welcome. Something that I had notice when attending the play were the song choices preshow, interval, and throughout the production. They carried on the theme of the previous scene or echoed the subject matter of the show. It certainly gave me a chuckle. Jackie will be directing the next production at Droylsden Little Theatre “The Allotment” Saturday 18th June