ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

DIRTY DUSTING by Ed Waugh and Trevor Wood Director: Claire St Pierre Blackburn Drama Club I was greeted by the fantastic front of house team, who are always so welcoming (I love visiting Blackburn Drama Club!). They really should be commended for the customer experience here as they create such a warm and friendly ambience which makes you feel immediately at home. ‘Dirty Dusting’ is a play which centres around the stories of three seventy-something year olds who are cleaners in an office block and who are f acing redundancy. They take matters into their own hands and open their own sex line. I was impressed with this choice of play choice, as I know it from the professional circuit: it was a risky choice, due to being very sexual innuendo, heavy and some unexpected language. The risk certainly paid off and we were presented with a hilarious, yet heartwarming play. I had seen the play previously though, so did have an idea of what I was in for! From the first line of dialogue, the cast reeled us in and pulled us through the journey without letting go. It was fast paced, quick, witty and every joke was timed to perfection with not a missed opportunity for a laugh. Every cue was met perfectly - It really was a comedy masterclass to observe! It was exhilarating to be in a theatre filled with such genuine laughter, belly laughs, giggles, snorts, exclamations, you name it - the audience were in it for the ride. They were clapping along between the scenes, too, which is always a great sign of appreciation, and the atmosphere was buzzing. The art of comedy is not all about the words – it’s about timing, delivery, combined with vocal and facial expression and Claire St Pierre’s creative direction portrayed the work, care and meticulous attention to detail to all these factors.