ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

H.M.S Pinafore The Zoo Director – H.M.S Pinafore Janice Rendel Director – The Zoo Bobbie Greatorex Musical Director: Steve Rayner Choreography: Susie Grubert and Bekah Murray Sale Gilbert & Sullivan Society “Messmates, Ahoy!” Her Majesty’s Ship Pinafore sailed into Salford Quays for an evening of joyous music and fun. This company returned to the stage in time for their 50th anniversary. The pandemic had kept them from performing for three years but they are back to take their audience into the glittering, topsy-turvy world of Gilbert and Sullivan. A minimal set of the quarter-deck of H.M.S Pinafore gave maximum space for performance. The lighting added to the overall storytelling and lifted character presentation. The costumes by The Boyz for both operettas were of a high standard. The direction captured the wit of Gilbert, and the beautiful music of Sullivan, and we were presented with playful choreography. The musical team gave a strong reading of the score, and the use of the accordion was a nice touch to give a nautical shanty tone. A lively ensemble was well rehearsed, with good characterisations, and their added job of prop dressing the scenes was smoothly executed. All the supporting roles were meaningfully portrayed. Able seamen, Bill Bobstay (Ken Brook) and Dick Dickeye (Graham Eagland), brought a sparkle to this skit on the Royal Navy. “Our Saucy Ships a Beauty” Little Buttercup, Valerie Green, gave the peddler-woman a music hall interpretation to create plenty of dramatic colour. The gallant crew welcomed their captain with gusto. Tony Noden, a true Savoyard, as Captain Corcoran, dispatched all of the characters nuances. Corcoran’s