ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS Producer: Nick Collinge Director: Russell Brown Musical Director: Angela Guntrip Abbey Musical Society This was my second visit to an Abbey Musical show this year and they didn’t disappoint with their latest offering, Little Shop of Horrors. In the past local societies second or summer show of the year tended to be performed on a smaller budget and usually in concert format. However, this year there have been some splendid summer productions locally and this show is no exception with a slick, stylish production. On entering the theatre, I was treated to the best Little Shop set I have seen. It had great attention to detail right down to the smallest version of Audrey 2. Producer Nick Collinge and his team should be congratulated for giving us a production of the highest quality deserving of their audiences. Director Russell Brown deserves praise for pulling together this show in nine weeks. That amount of time spent on a professional show would be ample, but for amateurs, with family and work commitments, it is a superb effort to achieve an end result of such a high quality. Well done. Now to the performances: with Anthony Collins and Melissa Evans leading the way as Seymour and Audrey, both played their parts superbly. Anthony was the perfect Seymour acting and singing his socks off, but if he had just slowed his dialogue down in the angry scenes in act 2 it would have been faultless. This Young man has come a long way from the small flag bearer in The Mikado to become a superb performer. It only seems a few years ago I was directing Melissa as Amaryllis in The Music Man, but she has grown into a tour-de-force and will be a leading