ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

MATILDA JR Directed by John Wood Choreography by Jane Wood Musical Director: Paul Firth Congress Players Roald Dahl’s ‘Matilda the Musical Jr’ is based on the book by Dennis Kelly with Music and Lyrics by Tim Minchin. Matilda is a young girl who has an amazing mind which her parents don’t understand. She’s unloved by her cruel parents, but impresses her schoolteacher, the highly loveable Miss Honey. Although Matilda excels in school, her head mistress, Miss Trunchbull, hates children and just loves thinking up new punishments for all who do not follow her rules. But Matilda’s courage is just what the doctor ordered. I would like to start this review by mentioning the level of talent that I witnessed on stage this evening. I had to remind myself on multiple occasions that every single member of this production was under the age of 18. Not only the talented principal roles, but every member of this ensemble excelled and shone on the stage as bright as anything I have ever seen. Under the expert direction of John Wood, the action flowed seamlessly and each and every character was fully developed which allowed all audience members to sit back, relax and enjoy every moment of this piece of theatre. Teaming up with John, we have Jane Wood choreographing the cast of triple threats. The choreography was polished and certainly made an impact. My personal favourite numbers had to be, “School Song” and “Revolting Children” Completing the Production team, Paul firth had the mammoth task of teaching all the little maggots the challenging, wordy score. Tim Minchin is an excellent composer; he produces numbers which are catchy and cleverly written. Paul, like the rest of this production team, brought the best vocal out of each and every cast member.