ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

‘A NIGHT IN LITTLE GRIMLEY’ two one act plays LAST TANGO IN LITTLE GIMLEY LITTLE GRIMLEY PRESENTS STRICTLY SEX FACTOR (ON ICE) APeel Drama Group Two one act English farces for the price of one, table seating, and a supper: is there a better way to spend an evening? The Grimley am-dram society has dwindled to four. It is make or break time. Their next production has to be a success or the final curtain will fall. Chairman Gordon convinces the committee that a sizzling sex comedy will sell tickets, and, by chance, he has written such a play. After the triumphs of the sex play what next? It is obvious - combine all the top TV reality shows. This four-hander, fast-moving comedies leaves no prisoners; everyone has to be at the top of their game. Delivery, timing, teamwork are all essential. Any break in the pace and all falls flat. The same characters appear in both plays, but in order to give the membership equal opportunity two separate casts were chosen. Last Tango in Little Gimley Effective direction allowed the comedy to take centre stage. Basic lighting, with minimum set settings added to the drama. The costumes said so much about the characters. The characters are so richly drawn and were colourfully portrayed by the cast. Geoff Millard, as Gordon, author and director, is mainly the feed for the others to react to. Not an easy job. Geoff was supportive for all and held his own with funny one-liners. Stage manager Bernard was in the very capable hands of John Essex. His natural comic timing guaranteed the audience’s approval. The ladies of the committee, “let’s do a musical”