ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

3 WOMEN by Katy Brand Directed by Steve Grist Colne Dramatic Society July 18th, 2022 will possibly be remembered for being hot. I will remember July 18th for a wonderful, special, moving evening at the Little Theatre. 3 Women is a play by Katy Brand quite simply about - 3 women, two mothers and a granddaughter - and the troubled relationship they endure. In the space of two hours, we watch the twists and turns of family relationships beautifully, painfully realised by an excellent cast and sensitive direction. We open to a lovely, authentic art deco hotel room, complete with a chandelier and three roses on display, red, white, and yellow. It is the night before Suzanne’s wedding. As always John Mills and team have excelled themselves in the small space. Suzanne enters first, played by Claire Jo-Anne Foster. Suzanne is, like many of us in a swanky hotel; flustered and struggling with the key card: her awkwardness over the tip to the hotel bell boy was all relatable. In a direct contrast, Eleanor enters next, brought to life by Lynne Atkinson. She is beautifully dressed, no bother with her card, pops open her purse, tips bell boy and proceeds to drive the next few exchanges. Both Lynne and Claire are excellent in their roles. Claire brings a warm humanity to the part and her obvious contentment at her wedding to the often spoken of but never seen Gary was well conveyed. Lynne’s role was a tricky beast. Eleanor was a waspish woman, always ready with an unkind remark or a passive aggressive comment regarding Suzanne. Both actresses were excellent in their roles: their exchanges were a highlight of the play. I’m always impressed when you get a fourdimensional character through a performance. Eleanor should’ve been deeply unlikeable, but Lynne, being a canny actress, never lost sight of Eleanor’s deep sadness and self-loathing running through her character.