ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

ROBIN HOOD Directors: Regina Arkwright & Janice Purslow ChoreographerI Janice Purslow Music provided by backing tracks. BYTES (the junior section of Bacup R.C.T.G) The story of Robin Hood has been retold many times, from Disney, Hollywood, television and theatre. For my generation, Robin was quite a hero. Mike Carter’s Adventures of Robin Hood is faithful to the story of the folk legend. All the characters are included, from Little John, Will Scarlet and Friar Tuck to Maid Marian. Mike Carter’s retelling of the hooded man, and that infamous archery competition, was so well scripted. All the dialogue was of manageable size speeches for the young actors to deliver, and to keep the younger members of the audience interested. To create the forest of Nottingham, and Nottingham Castle, the winning formula of projected images and set dressing was creatively used. The costume added to the overall look of the production. The technical’s gremlins for this first presentation unfortunately laboured the production. The mentors/directors brought their students to a performance with excellent character development. For this show, the young thespians had to accomplish ensemble playing, movement, and singing, besides having to covey the story. The age we live in, where communication is almost all electronic, means that it is even more important that the art of projection and enunciation has to be taught. In the main this was achieved. Maybe a little more work on this subject at their next sessions will make further improvement. In saying that, the character presentation was a credit to the work of BYTES. The training in rehearsal brought about interactive ensemble playing and colourful characterisations. Notable performances came from Hannah Goggins, as Robin, and the men of Sherwood including, Scarlett Clawson (Little John), and Kobi Mottley (Friar Tuck) who put their new found skills into good story telling. Amelia Connelly and Caity Ramsey (Cut Throat 1 and 2) and Cerys Pearson (Sheriff of Nottingham) worked hard and had learnt the importance of timing. Their training came to the fore when Charlotte Ferris (Katherine Scarlett), and Emily Chaplin (Lady Marian), presented nicely developed characters and who displayed vocal presentation. This junior section of Bacup R.C.T.G is working towards developing theatre skills which will enhance these young people and hopefully take them onto the adult section.