ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

It’s not easy to be front stage and sing a song with confidence: Seth Neal did this superbly. The premise was to sing and play gentle music to make the Giant fall asleep, I found the whole thing to be quite hypnotic and indeed felt myself drifting as though in a dream. I suspect that this was the impact intended. Job done, young man! The enthusiasm of the chorus was excellent and here we saw teamwork and commitment, especially in the opening Act Two dance section. Fronted by Ned Evans, the excitement and energy was breath-taking. Indeed, the whole choreography by Vicky Husband, Hollie Godber, Katie Hartley, and Becci Alberti was super. Of course, no successful production happens without the hard work of those behind the scenes. The Stage Crew made sure the production went at a pace. The Beanstalk, and how it grew, was well planned and executed by the props team. The production was enhanced by the lighting and sound provided by Sparks Theatre Management. I am sure that many people were proud of this production and rightly so. It has not been easy for any group over the last two years to keep enthusiasm going but through hard work, determination, rehearsals over zoom and team work the public get the treat of watching live performances. Well done to all, and I look forward to watching you all again!