ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

THE ADDAMS FAMILY: YOUNG AT PART Book by Marshall Brickman & Rick Elice Music and Lyrics by Andrew Lippa Based on characters created by Charles Addams Directed By Janet Philbrook Stage Door Youth Theatre The Addams Family: Young at Part follows the tale of a grown-up Wednesday Addams who has fallen in love with a young man from a ‘normal’ family. She confides in her father about this and makes him promise not to tell her mother, his wife Morticia. Chaos unfolds amongst The Addams once a family dinner brings revelations to light. Stage Door Youth Theatre brought this story to life at Park High School; the first time they have performed together in two years, and at a new venue. The characters were introduced to us with The Addams family theme, ‘When you’re an Addams’, with each young actor displaying their strong and distinguished roles. There was no sign of first night nerves as they confidently belted out the opening number with tons of energy and sass. Gomez and Morticia were played by Dillon Hey and Lilia Flanagan. They were outstanding together, with some stunning dance routines and perfectly pitched songs as they portrayed the in-love couple. Dillon took on his role with a mature confidence and he held an impressive accent too. Lilia played a feisty and confident Morticia, owning the stage as she performed. Wednesday Addams and Lucas Beineke were played by Millie Craig and Lewis Sugden. Millie was perfectly cast as Wednesday, both sweet and sour in her character with some strong vocal work. Lewis gave a confident and assured performance as the hopeless romantic Lucas. Mal and Alice Beineke were played by Joshua Ryde and Lauren Brewster and were both fantastic additions to the cast. Lauren showed a brilliant contrast between the two ‘Alices’ she had to play. Joshua delivered an enjoyable performance as the pompous, business-like father. There were also some amazing character parts with which to really have fun (and they did!) I adored William Peacock’s suitably gormless performance as Pugsley. He also had a very cheeky smile which I think won the audience over (despite his threatening lines!). Caitlin Taylor took the role of Grandma and played it delightfully, with bags of character and confidence. Shane Philbrook created a funny and likeable character in his portrayal of Uncle Fester. I particularly enjoyed his song, ‘Moon and Me’ which was his time to shine (forgive the pun!). I would like to give a special mention to Edward Holt who stepped into a role with very little preparation (dress rehearsal I believe!). I thought his portrayal of the