ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

SHREK Directed by Russell Brown Musical Director - Angela Guntrip Produced by Nick Collinge Abbey Musical Society After a long, Covid induced, wait we finally got to welcome Abbey Musical Society to the ACT family. Abbey’s first attempt to put on this audience pleasing musical was in 2020, but unfortunately, they didn’t get past opening night due to Covid restrictions closing our theatres. But I’m pleased to say, Abbey is back with a vengeance, and I’m happy to report they have sold out their week’s run. I attended the opening night, and I can say the audiences who had been lucky enough to get tickets were in for a treat. I’m going to start with the creative team for a change. Director, Russell Brown, producer, Nick Collinge and Musical Director, Angela Guntrip must be applauded for their resilience and determination to overcome all obstacles over the past 2 years to get this production on. Last, but by no means least, congratulations to Sarah Powell for her creative choreography Now to the cast and the main, Man Shrek, brilliantly played by Chris Barker. Chris has a great singing voice. His rendition of ‘Who I’d Be’ is one of the best I’ve heard. If I were marking Chris out of ten it would be a 9.5; it would have been 10 if he had just watched his diction at times. But having said that, it was a super performance. He was matched by Layla Davis, as Princess Fiona. She, like Chris, has a superb singing voice and wonderful comic timing. I must mention about the way she professionally handled a wardrobe malfunction in the second half that would have thrown some leading ladies, but not Layla. Mark Johnson was born to play ‘Donkey’. He is a super comedian getting