ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

rehearsed. They contributed to the success of the piece. We cannot forget the good work of townsfolk and other characters who were so important to the overall narrative. The highly capable suitors were all individual characters so that the audience believed in them. Tom, Matt, John, Lucas, Christian and Sam were spunky in delivery, a match for the Pontipee brothers. Speaking of which, the six wannabe suitors played by Ben, Andrew, Deni, Ben, Lewis and Matt were all-rounders in performance. They played respectable young bachelors with an endearing rustic nature, nimble of foot, comedic with strong acting abilities. The sweet pie filling between the lovelorn brothers and suitors are the town’s (later kidnapped) maidens. The girls worked their magic over the boys, Katie, Maria, Amy, Jessica, Hannah and Gemma each displaying their performance and dancing skills. All together the boys and girls were exhilarating, complementing each other. Adam Pontipee, the eldest brother, opens the show on his quest to find a bride, “Bless your Beautiful Hide”. Gary Jones wins over the audience with his charismatic vocals and dramatic interpretation of the allAmerican buck-skin hero. Adam finds his bride in Milly Bradon, a feisty frontier woman. Aimee Clare took hold of the character showing the strength these women of the old west had to have, at the same time giving way to the pain of romance. This is a musical that creates a feel good factor which quickly spreads around the auditorium. A blissful night’s entertainment!