ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

ALL SHOOK UP Director Richard Parker Musical Director Jeremy Sleith Choreography Suzi Cleary Hyde Musical Society What better way to celebrate the society’s 80th anniversary than to present a show that leaves the audience ”All Shook Up”. All the music is from the Elvis Presley catalogue with songs from his million selling singles, films and albums: there is so much great music the plot does not have a lot of room to develop. Not unlike “Footloose”, the storyline is set in a sleepy mid-American town where there is a rule against tight pants, loud music and “neckin” in public. There is a hint of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”, a multi person love pyramid where the townsfolk are falling in love with somebody who loves somebody else. All is resolved for the finale as the “The Power of Love” conquers the day. The awakening of this town starts with the arrival of Chad, a leather-jacketed motorcyclist whose hot wheels needed repairing. The whole look of this production captured the 1950s, from the programme to the themed bar. There was a buzz from entering the auditorium and when the first number, “Jailhouse Rock” started, the audience of all ages was completely won over. “Beaming the whole way though”, “Uh – Huh”. A composite set with moveable flats clearly depicted the many locations. Adding the magic of lighting and sound gave this jukebox show life. The costumes enhanced the characters to complete the whole ‘50’s package. The direction, music and dance allowed the story to be told and they were in sync with each other - equal partners, creating a fun, toe-tapping show channelling the story through to the triple wedding, bringing together an enthusiastic cast and strong ensemble.