ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

their stage skills. Well done Tyler Holden, Feebie Thomas, Emily Jagger, Courtnie Whitworth, Ninah Couldride, and Matilda Broadhurst. Tobias Holland frightened the audience as he played the ghostly Hessian Trooper whose head was shot off in battle by a stray cannonball. He is seen riding through the Hallow in his quest to find his head. The schoolteacher was played by Cody Brine to good effect; Cody worked hard on his character development. As Katrina, Charlotte Ferris showed how she has learnt from her other stage experiences. Charlotte is developing into a competent performer. It is hard to play a brooding jealous type but Olivia Hill caught the essence of Brom in her character development. This script for young drama students allows them to develop as performers, to engage with an audience, and to introduce live theatre to a young audience. Well done.