ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS Music by Alan Menken, Book & Lyrics by Howard Ashman Director: Kathleen Valentine Musical Director: Ed Nurse Choreographer: Lorraine Callan Urmston Musical Theatre It was a long time coming, but finally the homicidal succulent was blooming for the return to the stage for Urmston Musical Theatre. The venue had been re vamped and the theatre group technically upgraded the stage facilities, including new changing cabins. All credit must go to team leader, Alan Pickwick, and the dedicated members. The in-house set worked so well giving all the necessary theatrical pictures for the inventive production. The lighting plot created a dramatic platform for the storytelling, and the sound enhanced the high energy of the performances Now in its 40th year this musical comedy has taken on iconic status. We know the music, the characters and how the plant works. This production team delivered a whole new concept. It was detail, detail, detail, resulting in a bigger show than I have seen before. The ensemble, residents of Skid Row, were all individual characters with interesting cameo roles, Jill Cheshire in particular. This opened up the show more, it wasn’t just life at the florist shop, it was part of a community. The music was a big part of the success of the night. A good reading of the score played by fine musicians gave that necessary oomph. All the kicks and flicks of the choreography added to the colour of each scene. The casting was strong with all the actors stepped up to the challenges presented. The Do-Wop style Greek Chorus of Ronnette (Sue Mallet), Chiffon (Ella McIntyre) and Crystal (Charlotte Callan) became central to the action. Every time they entered there was to be something disastrous about to happen. All three ladies delivered great vocals. Daniel Mellor, with an Eastern European accent, was convincing as