ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

LORD ARTHUR SAVILE’S CRIME by Constance Cox Director: John Cummings Colne Dramatic Society As always, I was greeted with a very friendly front of house team, Gilly Fontaine-Grist, Steve Grist, Linda Midgley Janet Hewitson and Team. I always enjoy my visits to the little theatre, as the shows are so intimate. For a Bank Holiday opening night, it was extremely well attended which was lovely to see. This fantastic little venue is so well supported by its members, which is a testament to the hard work that is put in by a hardworking and caring team. The play, ‘Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime’ is a 1950’s play by Constance Cox, based on a 1890.s short story by Oscar Wilde. It is, in effect, light-hearted, melodramatic nonsense in a way – and if mishandled by the director and cast, it could have been a disaster. I am delighted to say, that was not the case though and the production was an excellent presentation. The cast was an absolute dream to watch and each actor, however small the part, they brought something special to their performances. Riz Riley took the lead part of Lord Arthur Savile. Where do I start? I have never seen Riz perform before and he was just faultless! He was a very classic ‘Oscar Wilde’ character, with his eccentric behaviour, hilarious facial expressions (eyebrows!), ‘pom-pom-pom-ing’ (always makes me laugh) and played the flustering, pompous Lord with absolute confidence and ease. He has a fantastic stage presence, owning the stage with every scene. Riz created an over the top, yet relatable and believable character whom the audience loved and were rooting for (despite his dark plans!). His mannerisms never faltered, and he created a fully rounded character. I also enjoyed watching his journey as a character as he became increasingly harassed as the play went on. Well done, Riz,