ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

heart of this blessed event. In their pursuit is police officer, Lt..Eddie Southern played by Gareth Baddeley rounded out the male cast as “Sweaty Eddie”, the romantic good cop. In the purple boots stands Deloris Van Cartier auditioning with her backing singers Tina (Kate Longden) and Michelle (Lilly Smith). Kate and Lilly were full of energy creating a joyful sound supporting the lounge singer. As the cabaret vocalist Deloris/ Sister Mary Clarence, Karina Tomlinson had all the sass. Her larger-than-life performance was delivered with glee. The big numbers with the women of the cloth were emotional kaleidoscopes - they were “Fab-u-lous Baby!” This film to stage adaptation is more entertaining than most shows of this type, and this cast got it Juuuust right.