ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

David was the straight man: he took over when the creaking floorboard became too much and tried to fix it resulting in a leaking pipe. These fun filled comic capers endedg with the hostess becoming dripping wet. INTERVAL David Tristram’s ‘Las Tango in Little Grimley’ tells the tale of an amdram group in danger of folding. During the interval the furniture was changed to a table and four chairs for a committee meeting. There are just four of the members left and they are determined to save the day. What will guarantee an audience, sex, so they decide to present a sizzling sex comedy. We all have probably been on one sort of a committee or another, and all the characters are there. We have Joyce who would love the group to put on a musical but knows it is impossible. Kay Unsworth gave poignancy to Joyce. Chairman Bernard Gordon, whose idea it is that sex will sell tickets was played by Ciaran Travis. Bernard was full of gusto and railroaded the committee into accepting his ideas. Then there’s the sparring of Bernard and Margaret. They were comically brought to life by Barbara Mayers and Keith Hindley. Their cross dialogue was very well handled. This fast pace comedy and funny antics had the audience laughing out loud. Each of these plays was a showcase for the group. It was an evening of laughter which is definitely needed after the uncertainty of the past few years.