ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

microphones to aid them. But in today’s modern theatre they come as standard. but along with this unfortunately there are technical hiccups which are bound to happen, and unfortunately for Zac Grenier (Leo Bloom) his mic’ failed him on this particular evening. But when it takes you an entire number to realise that he didn’t have a working microphone it just goes to show the technical brilliance of this performer. Leo has the biggest character development throughout the show, starting as a bumbling wimp, to being a brave fraudulent Broadway Producer. And Zac did not disappoint: a stellar performance that we have come to expect from Zac. For me the performance of the evening goes to Mike Wignall as Max. When watching a musical such as The Producers, which has a massive cult following, there is always a concern that an actor will try to make a carbon copy of the original performance. But as soon as Mike made his entrance, he made the role is own. Mike commanded the stage and vocals excelled with a range of musical numbers. My personal favourite and standout number of the evening must be ‘Betrayed’. The erratic performance had us in fits of laughter, but also had us feeling sorry for his character as he tried to figure out where they had gone wrong.