ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

None of the principals were miscast: the audience could empathise with the storytelling. In “Avenue Q” there are humans as well as puppet characters. Guy Douglas Gibb played out of work comedian, Brian, who is engaged to therapist, Christmas Eve (Gill Richardson). Nice work from both of them. Aimee Gallagher contributed greatly as the building’s superintendent, Gary Coleman. Two of the tenants were played by James Goulding and Robert Toner, as the gay Republican Rod, and Nicky, his roommate. It was smiles and laughter all the way. Sex is a main player with puppets making love, and internet “Sexpert”, Trekkie Monster spotlessly characterised by Nicholas Peat. Then there is Lucy the Slut (the name says it all). Gina Cole sizzled as the sex pot; maybe the walk could have gone a bit further. The touching relationship between kindergarten teacher, Kate Monster (Jade Schofield) and bright–eyed graduate, Princeton (Nathanial McCartney) was sensitively captured. Their on stage chemistry added much to their performances. “Avenue Q” might be a small show, but it is big on laughter and the audience goes home with a big smile!