ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

Rita (real name, Susan) was played by Jessica Sanderson. I’ve seen ‘Educating Rita’ many times and in my opinion, this was the best interpretation of Rita I have seen. Jessica had such presence and vitality. She made us laugh, she made us cry. Jessica also wasn’t afraid to ramp up the comedy: a particular highlight was some business with the door when Rita insisted the room needed some air. Jessica also managed to change before our very eyes over the course of the play with her acting and another example of good use of costume. Both actors did themselves proud. Marilyn Crowther’s direction was beautifully unshowy: there was no unnatural movement or ‘iffy’ moment. The whole production was rather lovely, sound cues came on time, the music between scenes was very fitting: the tech team did a stellar job. The audience erupted in a huge round of applause with cheers, and a few people on their feet, at the end. I could see why. This was cracking stuff. I’d just like to thank the Garrick for inviting me again.