ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

Adam (Sam Hindmarch), meanwhile, is the apple of his mother’s eye. She mistakes his lack of purpose for sensitivity, but he too desperately seeks her approval. Sam brought a nervousness to the character, wringing of the hands and stuttering conversation, which he kept throughout, which was quite charming. The relationship that developed between him and Sarah Morgan’s straight talking, out to shock, Maureen brought some humour and comedy to the piece. There was a good injection of comedy from Mark Bennett, as the five Euro Waiters, each different with a change of waistcoat to identify the character. This role could very easily steal every scene; this actor had to have discipline and careful judgement, when to make the characters larger than life and when to be gentle and quiet. Well done! Director Anne Wint got a lot of movement into a play that mostly requires people sitting at restaurant tables.