ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

characterisations was in true fairy tale believability. Comedy has to prevail: we were introduced to two duos, the Baroness (Gillian Roberts) and Flunkit, (Harvey Millard), Snot (Shaun Crossley) and Bogie (Norman Beaver). The four of them were integral to the comic heart of this pantomime. They received good response from the audience for their set routines. Into the mix, Dame Trott (Marc Lyth) contributed to the fun of the goings on. And we certainly cannot forget the skin roles of Daisy, the cow, and Hetty, the Hen. The conflict between good and evil, with the villain only entering and exiting stage left, and the fairy entering and exiting stage right, is the most important tradition of Pantomime. Fairy Cup Cake and Slimeball kept to the rules of pantomime. Ann Berningham delivered her rhyming couplets with understanding and got the cheers when evil was conquered. Simon Darlington showed how to wind-up an audience earning his hisses and boos. I travelled home feeling completely Covid Busted.