ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

Ann Pugh provided humour as the would-be thespian S.M. The other supporting characters played their roles with lively eagerness, with special mention to Josie Papworth, as the Wicked Witch. Amy Dawber, playing Dorothy Gale, brought a gritty charm to the adventures of getting to that certain Green City. Along the way we met a Scarecrow, cheekily portrayed by Charlie Parkes. We then came across the heart-seeking Tinman. Tracy Cartwright made an impact with her excellent characterisation of the man of tin. The relationship between Scarecrow and Tinman was well executed. Mary Cumming completed the friends of Dorothy playing Lion. Mary delivered a skilfully portrayed and very endearing West Country Lion. The interplay between them all was pure pantomime and took the audience on a colourful journey of drama and fun. The village hall echoed with the sounds of laughter and applause.