ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

The royal family of “Djelibeybi” (Harvey Millard and Pamela Malcolm) have to stop the antics of Abulbul and his band of thieves. They recruit the services of three Legionnaires, Pendleton, Swinton, and Eccles, effectively becoming the desert Three Stooges. Our hero Ali Baba, not unlike Aladdin, takes control and wins the day and the hand of the Princess Yeta Nother. As the young lovers, Grace Scott-Jervis gave a strong performance as Ali, and Dakota O’Hara was every inch a princess. In the desert we met Clarence, the Camel who was a clear winner with the younger members of the audience. Causing all the trouble is Abdul Abulbul, a true pantomime villain, who, along with his motley crew, created a winning formula. Simon Darlington menacingly and loudly took on the audience gaining their hisses and boos. As for those almost forty little bandits, they entertainingly held their own on stage. Once again good triumphed over evil, and the curtain came down to the applause of the appreciative audience.