ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

chat and lack of stories meant that the narrative did more lend itself to a TV situation comedy and didn’t translate to the stage too well. However, we do see an insight into some very real characters living in the moment, much as I would have loved to get to know them in a bit more depth. This could also be that the comedy was more aimed at an older audience with some of its more old-fashioned humour and providing a sense of understated nostalgia. This play was a brave and bold decision for any society and director and an ambitious undertaking. So, I would like to say a huge well done to Joanne Shepherd on her directorial debut, and to Blackburn Drama Club for taking a risk by producing a difficult play, one which is slightly off the beaten track and not often seen in the amateur circuits. It requires a LOT of extra work to take on a play with accents, especially such a strong one which can be difficult to tune your ear ‘in tae’ at the best of times! Well done to the director for leading the cast to portraying authentic Glasgow people with a real attention to detail. Thanks again and I am looking forward to your next presentation.