ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

a comedy part using just her deadweight body. Her physicality and timing were bang on for every single movement – I don’t think she even took a breath! The fact that the character was a real person and not a dummy as the script initially required, really added to the humour of the play. Some stand out moments were when the audience first realised that there was a real ‘body’ in the coffin and the corpse under the bed scene. I also thought the use of the screens was genius and thought Fay’s scene with the ‘body’ and the use of shadows was really effective (and reminiscent of Austin Powers!) I absolutely loved the audiences’ reactions to the performance as the chaos ensued and this really added to the atmosphere in the theatre. The audiences groans of dismay when Hal said ‘Kingdom Come’ and the shouts of “Oh, no!” as he seedily looks at his mother’s knickers before giving them a good sniff, or when he started to play the maracas with her false teeth. Just hilarious! You can’t wish for much more than your audience audibly cringing! There were parts of the play where the audience was struggling to keep its laughter under wraps, with ripples of laughter and snorting throughout! We were not even shocked by the time we started to hear about Hal’s dream of an inclusive brothel with midgets, Catholics and protestants. This is a play that is very tongue in cheek and in turn the actors had the freedom to have fun with the script and this enjoyment really shone through their performances. Ultimately, the audience had a great laugh, with plenty of silly, laugh-out-loud slapstick moments, not to mention a lot of phallic twittering!