ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

of Johnny, Michael Shneck (St Jimmy) took the entire performance to another level at the same time taking the entire cast there with him. Ric Gauld (Favourite Son) in polar opposite as the all-American hero to St Jimmy approached his role with precision. Whilst watching this production, it became ever apparent that the backbone of many productions is the Ensemble members, and this certainly was the case with ‘American Idiot’. Between the direction of Louise Colohan and choreography by Jenna Finnigan, every ensemble member had his or her own character as each added to the production in their own unique way. Louise and Jenna used this spectacular venue to their advantage, and the audience members were fully emersed in the production. These last few years have been extremely difficult for drama and musicals alike. It has been a pleasure to witness this production and the talent that Louise and Mid Cheshire have provided this evening. In my opinion the highlight had to be the final number. To watch an entire company of like-minded people enjoying performing on a stage in front of a full audience is one thing, but to do that whilst every member of that production was playing an acoustic guitar certainly was something that I don’t think I will ever witness again in my lifetime. Thank you for this touch; this will be remembered for some time to come.