ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

who can fix most things, for a price. Keeping Chicago’s judiciary on their toes is the narcissistic shark, Billy Flynn. Joe Butler-Smith as Flynn oiled his way around his clients and the courtroom. I did think his characterisation was stuck at times with the one stance. Mr Cellophane, the downtrodden Amos, was given pathos and truth by Jake ButlerSmith. The white gloves introduced in the number was another nod to Fosse. As the third rate, streetwise, nightclub singer, Velma Kelly, Maggie Thompson demanded attention when she was on stage. With great vocals, Maggie has the whole package in fact. The sweet, but not-soinnocent, Roxie was artfully portrayed by Honor Thompson. The musical number “We Both Reached for the Gun” was a tour-de-force. Honor has such a fabulous on stage chemistry. We had to wait two years for TEMPO to return to the Evans Theatre, this production made the wait worthwhile.