ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

also plays the football pools. Andrew Cochrane as the vague and kindly Reverend was a good stooge, with good timing. The Bishop of Lax is not an easy role to play. The characterisation relies on reactive and silent comments which speak volumes. David Brobbin gave the bishop dignity and pomposity which all added to the humour. Penelope is the bishop’s niece, a former actress, married to Lionel. In the role Katy Cullen an actress who excelled in Penelope’s quest to get one over her dull and unadventurous husband, poor Lionel. Lionel was in the richly comic hands of Scott Lees. Lionel feels misunderstood and claims “I’ll do good if it kills me”. The Reverend’s antics without trousers, coupled with the other characters on stage, had to be seen to be believed. The laughter filled the auditorium.