ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

Human resources manager, Tracy Taylor, could only use management– speak when communicating thus irritating everyone who had to keep asking, “What are you saying?” This character was entertainingly portrayed by Debbie Dickerson. Making an entrance, Chris Silke as luvvie, Anton de Valera, who is always quoting Oscar Wilde, added his contribution to the audience’s sleuthing. Anita Partridge put in a lot of effort to deliver the wannabe private-eye, Sue Watson-Moore, interfering with complicated thought up plots. The group’s treasurer, Gloria Bennett, was strongly portrayed by Jeanette Thornley and womaniser, Nick Angel, was the villain of the piece. Bringing all this together the celebrated crime writer, Agatha Crusty, took each fragment of the clues in a hold-your-breath moment revealing of the serial murderer. Barbara Williamson, as Agatha, was equal to her counterpart, Jessica Fletcher in “Murder She Wrote”. Barbara inhabited the character which is a trait of such a seasoned performer. The cast worked hard to deliver the comedy and drama that was needed.