ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

Lowe. Then there was Edith McAndrew (Patricia Smithies) who is from a noble Scottish family. As actress Frankie La Tour who is a missing heiress, Sue Longley, misled the audience at every turn. Then there was Derek Smith, a supposed writer but who, in fact, is a newspaper investigative journalist. Lawrence Shoebridge as the “hack” convincingly interwove “red herrings” throughout the unfolding narrative. He showed an interest in Gail Johnson, a secretary, portrayed by Catherine Borg-Fenech who proved to be good at hiding the truth. That left car salesman, Harry Ibbotson, who would not let his travel bag out of his sight. David Long suited the character of the shady car dealer. The director wisely gathered a strong cast, and who were so well rehearsed in their characterisations. When being interviewed by the audience they were rock solid and could answer all questions. This was ensemble playing at its best. The audience had a most entertaining evening and “nul point” Team ACT, won the coveted chocolate bullets!