ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

Mayor Matilda is the “Devil in Disguise” but loved by her sidekick, As the law keepers Sheriff Earl, Louise Clark and Daniel Cope were entertaining. The mayor’s son, Dean, escapes his domineering mother when he finds romance with Lorraine. They both realise “It’s now or Never”. This relationship was captured by Luke Fraser and Amy Quinn. Love levels all ages: Sylvia (Alison Foy-Thackwell) falls for widower garage owner, Jim (Kevin Siddall), telling him “There’s Always Me”. Kevin’s comic timing was so important to the storytelling. New in town Miss Sandra sets hearts a fluttering. Jess Bray was charming as Sandra, the museum owner, the Barbie Doll of academia. Miss Sandra finally finds love with Dennis as they bond over their shared love of Shakespeare. Debut performer, TomWilliams enriched the characterisation of Dennis. Grease monkey heroine Natalie, played by Alison Ruck, is in love with Chad who is blind to her, “Fools Fall in Love”. Alison knows how to sell a song and fits snugly into the complicated humorous story. It is all down to the hip-swivelling Chad for sexually charging the town. Liam Bunka gave a high energy performance: he was vocally at ease with both Doo-wop or classic rock tunes. Liam evoked the spirit of Elvis without impersonating him. Chad and Natalie did not become the fourth couple to be married, on their motorbikes they rode off into the sunset with “a hunk a hunk of burning love”.