ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

Muchnik and he was fun to watch. His shy assistant, Seymour, was truthfully played by James Goodwin, who displayed a good on-stage chemistry with Audrey, the girl of his dreams. Our dorky hero, Seymour, looks after a new peculiar plant; a plant bent on human destruction. The plant he had named Audrey II came alive with the on-stage puppeteers. Eleanor Cardoza, Lynsey Cassidy, Rachel Mellor and Michelle Speakman as the puppeteers were well rehearsed and did an excellent job. The carnivorous plant had multiple heads for each of the victims it had devoured. In drag as Audrey II, Adam Garnett displaying great vocals, was on stage for each of the horror scenes which proved a highlight of the production. The pain-loving dentist, Orin, who provides the dark comedy of the piece, was the first to be eaten by the talking, hungry plant. Jon Gardner’s sadistic performance as the dentist wowed the audience. His girlfriend, Seymour’s co-worker, Audrey, is the tart with a heart, a casualty of Skid Row. Audrey is in an abusive relationship with Orin suffering black eyes and a broken arm. Stephanie Niland portrayed Audrey with feeling. This reworking of this gem of a show had sparkle and guts but remember, DO NOT FEED THE PLANT!