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The Achievement Recognition decorations are to celebrate services to amateur/community theatre and/or other associated performing arts groups and particularly to those that dedicate their time to supporting the performing arts.

Adult entitlement begins at 18 years of age.

Any youth achievement will count towards the adult decoration e.g. a ten year adult award could be given at 18 years old if service began at 8 years.

Proof of award will need to be supplied in a free format (see over) outlining total length of service. Please include reference to any previous or current awards held, this will ensure continuation of service is taken into account.

Please indicate length of service with each society(ies) including any position held or indicate the length of time and when the award was made. If a previous ACT award has been made (youth or achievement) please indicate decoration length and date of award.

Awards are NOT restricted to performers but to any society member or who the committee want to recognise for their contribution.

Only ACT members/member societies can apply for an ACT Achievement Recognition Decoration.