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The following notes will help you to decide which Subscription rate is applicable to you, your society or business.

SOLO Individual membership
DUET Two people living at the same address
TROUPE One/Two adults and two children (under 18)
CHORUS Society/Group:
Act 1: Small group: Few members, occasional live performances in venue with limited facilities and seating capacity. Up to £5,000.00 annual turnover.
May suit small drama Group, uniformed youth group, community/village group
Act 2: Medium Group: More than 30 members, staging at least one show per year, medium venue seating 150 or more.
Up to £10,000.00 annual turnover
May suit schools, religious groups, small dancing schools, youth groups
Act 3: Large group: Many members, regular performances at a theatre venue over 300 seats. Possibly with pro-directors.
Up to £20,000.00 annual turnover.
May suit Schools, Dancing schools, Operatic, Pantomime Groups
Act 4: Large group: Big membership numbers. Using pro-theatre over 500 seats. Staging one or more week length production with professional help or director.
Over £20,000.00 annual turnover
May suit: Large Operatic/Musical societies
CREW Any business, associations, traders etc. applying in business/association name.