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As an employer, or person responsible for a workplace you are responsible for complying with this legislation.

Fire Risk Assessments

As the responsible person, the responsibility for identifying fire risks and precautions will lie with you!
You will need to:

  • identify the potential risk of fire and fire spread
  • identify all persons at risk (including employees and non-employees) and those specially at risk such as disabled people
  • ensure precautions and control measures are in place to reduce risk
  • record the assessments effectively
  • ensure all persons are made aware

Information and Documentation

You will need to have written documentation including:

  • record of assessment
  • fire safety policy/procedures
  • emergency procedures
  • inspection and maintenance procedures


You will need to train a sufficient number of persons to:

  • fight fire (e.g. use and extinguisher safely)
  • ensure effective evacuation (fire wardens/fire marshals)

All employees must be provided with general fire safety awareness training

Competent Safety Advisor

You will need to appoint a Competent Person to advise and assist you in implementing fire safety within your workplace or premises.


The Fire Authority will no longer do this for you.
Responsibility for FIRE SAFETY lies with YOU!

For further details please contact

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