In The Wings (Ashton Under-Lyne Operatic Society – Youth section)

Director Kelly Harrington

Choreography Kelly Harrington

Music supplied by backing tracks


This telling of one of the oldest pantomimes was “not quite as we know it”. It was devised and written by the group’s mentor’ Kelly Harrington, and  it was a modern twist on the old pantomime favourite.


All the characters from the original pantomime were included but the characters had been brought up to date to the present day, both in appearance and in language.


This updating was carried through into the song selection all of  which were well interpreted by the enthusiastic company. The 18 strong cast of Cinderalla had an age range from 5 to 16 year olds.


The contemporary look and feel of the show was enhanced by the stage dressing and by the costumes.


All the iconic characters where present, from a very strong Buttons, who got the proceedings going, to a stylish learner fairy, Poppy. The Hardup family and stepdaughter took centre stage in the story with set business. They were pursued by the pantoland, Mafiosi-type broker’s men. There was an extended Royal family, too. This was led by the Prince who was not so Charming which added to the fun and games.


This presentation showcased the result of the company’s weekly training sessions which are held to encourage and develope the student’s in stage craft. There was a mixture of abilities but the approach was all the same: they supported each other and drove the piece forward.


A good sense of stage space, and an awareness of blocking, made for an excellent stage picture. The delivery of lines, on the whole, was good. Each character held to move the story along at the same finding the space for the humour to come out.  This is a starting point from which to learn all about timing, and to be able to engage with the audience.


Although some of the co-ordination in the dance routines was challenging for some, it was their dedication to their perfornace that carried them through.


The company had bonded together with the result that we had a production that was entertaining and showed all the work, that was ACT in Training, at its best.