ACT Theatre Reviews 2021-2022

a small part, (there are no small parts – just small actors as they say!) I thought her approach to this role added depth and humour, and I thought her over the top curtseys were hilarious! She gave her part 100%. Stephen Dixon was unrecognisable as the eccentric Prussian Anarchist, Herr Winklekopf. He played this role with energy and gusto, and was clearly having fun with the part! John Cummings’ hard work on direction was evident. For a start, as I mentioned already, the play was cast to perfection with a real array of talent! There was a very creative use of space and a well-balanced stage throughout. The audience’s sight lines were considered always – which is no easy task with such a large cast in a small space. There was also clearly a lot of hard work with performers on their characterisation, dialogue, diction, and projection. This was a well thought through piece, with tight ensemble work and was executed very professionally. The casts accents were also overall excellent. It is commendable that none of the cast over played their parts – which would have been easy to do with the melodramatic style of the play. They all created thoughtful portrayals and kept the tone light and tongue in cheek, which did not alienate the audience. There were a few trips over lines, rushed dialogue, prompts and hiccups, but nothing that really took away the pace and momentum of the play which was excellent throughout. The stage was well lit, and all technical cues were met without glitches, which again helped with the swift pace of the play. The only thing that was slightly underwhelming was the explosive noises – It would have had a bit more impact if they were louder (though I understand there are some elderly members who may disagree!). The set was beautiful and immediately transported us to an upper-class dining room in the 1890’s – with its panelled walls, stain glass windows and net curtains. It was perfectly decorated, to a really professional standard. Well done to John Mills and John Cummings for creating such a stunning set – especially with such space limitations (the sets at this venue are always impressive!).